Hello to everyone.

This is a mini mid-month blog to cover World Peace Day and what we are doing in Africa to commemorate the day.

As you know 21st Sept was World Peace Day and I was appointed by the Africa Union to help spread the message of Peace and Security.

I was very honoured and surprised to be called upon to be a Peace Ambassador as I have always regarded the peace role as one for politicians, not a mere footballer like me. With time however I realised lots of people support the efforts of ordinary citizens like me and so felt maybe I could help change at least some people’s hearts or minds about war and its consequences.

Please don’t get me wrong – by thinking I am going to ensure there is peace and security in Africa forever, I am only trying to contribute my little quota to the efforts of the African Union and if it helps then it will be an added bonus.

Lots of my friends and colleagues have been in this position in the past and have had a positive influence on their people and I am hoping to emulate them. Take for instance Ambassador George Weah, he did and continues to do a lot for his people in Liberia. Then there is my Chelsea colleague Didier Drogba who has done so much to unite Ivorians and continues to strive for a peaceful country. These guys and many others have been using sport and football in particular to bring people together and that is my ultimate aim.

There are many people who have been displaced by war and are suffering and the work of the African Union on World Peace Day is to ensure these people have something to shout about. Every government in Africa is doing its bit to ensure we can all live in harmony and my message on World Peace Day is to ‘Make Peace Happen’.

I am not alone in calling for Peace. The great Abedi Pele and Raber Madjer are also using sports and football in particular to raise awareness about peace and security.

I have already discussed organising a ‘Make Peace Happen’ football match between a World 11 side and African 11 side. The AU is fully behind this initiative and once all the plans start to bear fruit we will announce the date and venue. I hope we can count on you to attend.

Let there be peace in our nations, homes and in our hearts because without peace and security anywhere in the world we are all at risk.




Please note : the views in many of our blogs are written by fans of Chelsea FC and are not necessarily the views of the club


    man without you our team is down. from prince GHANA

  • http://Yes Abimiku Joseph

    I love u

  • Makanjuola John

    Hi essien,
    Am happy to watch you in good form on the field of play,thanks to the chelsea fitness crew and to God.Hope your dreams come to reality.I also want to suggest if you could collaborate with Mikel Obi, Didier Drogba and Solomon Kalou in acheiving this great goal,since its an african thing. I wish you success in all your endeavours.

  • djibro

    that good

  • Justė

    I've read it before, but it was really nice to read again. Nice texts doesn't get bored! I'm very happy that you help people in Africa. I'd like to do it too, I'd like to study something like that to help them! Keep going, Ess!

  • David

    Am very please that you came back to your form.
    And i pray that God would strengthening you and give you good health for you to be able to complete the season without any injury.

  • Thonia

    Im loving what any people are doing to help Africa . I'm from South Africa and even though things are not as bad here. Africa needs all the support it can get.

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