Happy Monday, After an Eventful Chelsea Weekend!

Anelka - Chelsea

It’s been an interesting weekend for supporters of Chelsea Football Club.

After what to me seemed like a scary start with an early goal by Shane Long, Chelsea fought off West Bromwich Albion and won the home opener 2-1.

Nicolas Anelka put Chelsea on the scoreboard in the 53rd minute, tapping in a nice goal and grinning ear to ear before pulling his jersey over his head. Despite the fact that some people still hint he’s eager to leave for the MLS, it looked to me like he was happy and making a sincere effort. When it comes to Anelka, I often brush off rumours that he’s unhappy and wants to leave; it seems similar stories have dogged him for years. Yes, he has changed clubs a fair bit but he has been at Chelsea since 2008. Perhaps because he’s not outwardly as jovial as some of his teammates critics assume he is playing the part of “le sulk” but Anelka more often strikes me as a man who just wants to play football and doesn’t worry about others’ opinions of him.

After Anelka’s goal, Florent Malouda scored an absolute beauty in the 83rd minute thanks to a perfect pass by Jose Bosingwa, and despite a couple of near-threats by West Brom, Chelsea were victorious.

Besides Long’s early goal, Fernando Torres was a point of frustration for me. Or rather, I’m frustrated for him. He looks sharp. He has that gleam in his eyes that I often noticed when he was still with Liverpool. I think his form and confidence are back and my heart leaps every time he almost scores; until he starts scoring like the ‘Nando we used to boo, I’ll be on the edge of my seat with my fingers crossed for him. I know the real El Nino is about to break through any second now; however, if he keeps being subbed out before he can play a full 90 minutes that breakthrough might not come as quickly as I think!

I sat down to watch the match with the expectation that Henrique Hilario would be another point of frustration for me, and I was terribly pleased to be proved wrong! Hilario takes a lot of flak from Chelsea fans but I don’t believe he is a poor ‘keeper; rather, he doesn’t get enough play time to show what he’s capable of as we’re rarely without the safe hands of Petr Cech. Despite being nervous at first, I was quickly impressed with Hilario’s performance and thought he was pure class on Saturday.

A highlight of the match for me was watching Andre Villas-Boas. Is there anyone who wasn’t entertained by his expressions? His eyes followed every play and he was constantly pointing out on to the pitch and giving instructions. It’s almost as though he was playing alongside the team. Better yet were his jumps and spins when a chance was missed or his celebrations when a goal was scored! It’s clear how passionate he is about his new role and I get the impression that he really “feels” the game; every goal, every fall, every play. Watching him was almost as much of a draw for me as watching the match!

This weekend also brought a new team member to Chelsea; Juan Mata! The 23-year-old Spanish international joins the blues from Valencia in a reported £23.5m deal. Now we have another young signing we are eager to see step out on the pitch!

Last but not least, rumours are circulating about Didier Drogba and the fact that he has yet to agree to a new deal. Of course, this immediately leads to speculation that his departure from Stamford Bridge is imminent, but that’s a story we’ve heard time and again. At this point, I’m getting as worked up about it as I am about Anelka’s possible move. Perhaps I’m a little jaded with all the speculation?  According to Crunch Sports, Andre Villas-Boas has stated that he’s not sure of the status of negotiations, and that’s the part of the story many people are focusing on. However, the interview I read also quoted AVB as saying,

“He is one of the most important players and representative players of the club, and his willingness to continue is 100 per cent. It will be because of that that we will reach an agreement.” 

The fact is, we won’t know until we know. Drogba has been a superstar for Chelsea and has previously expressed his love for the club, but there is always the possibility he could move elsewhere. The best I can think of to do is not get caught up in the hype and assume he’s leaving, read the news and stay tuned for updates from CFC!

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure: there’s never a dull moment when you’re a Chelsea supporter! I look forward to seeing what the week brings and better yet, to the match against Norwich on Saturday! Perhaps Lukaku will make his debut?

Written by Danielle



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