Bitter-sweet month


Hello everyone,

September 2011 is a month I will never forget because it represents a month where things were going well on the injury front. The medical team are doing a great job in helping me come back to full fitness and its going well.

At the same time it is a month when one of the people I would have loved to share the comeback good news with passed away so tragically and suddenly.

Alhaji Sly Ibrahim Tetteh – the man who discovered and mentored me from the age of 14 – died suddenly in Ghana. It was such a shock I am still recovering from the sudden loss and the emptiness that tends to follow such incidents.

I had just got to our Cobham training ground on the fateful September day for my usual physio sessions when the news broke. I could not believe that someone as fit and strong like Sly could die suddenly.

I was in so much shock that I could not hold back the tears. I sobbed uncontrollably to the extent that the physios called off the session. The simplest of things like driving were so difficult; I had to be driven home.

I was confused and just couldn’t work out that someone as strong and ‘healthy’ as Sly will suddenly drop and will not be seen or heard anymore. He was fine as far as we knew and was playing football with friends when he suddenly collapsed and died on the pitch.

Sly Tetteh didn’t just discover me but was also my mentor, father, brother and very close friend.

I am not the only one who was discovered by Sly Tetteh – Asamoah Gyan, Sulley Muntari, John Pantsil to name but a few – were all discovered by him. He nurtured us and taught us how to be footballers as well as men.

I am struggling to come to terms with the fact that Sly Tetteh will not be here to witness my latest comeback. Typically he would have sent me a message of ‘welcome back from injury’ and would have phoned after my first game to see how I was doing.

I will miss him dearly and my first game back will definitely be dedicated to him. I am working hard to be back so I can play for Sly and in his memory.

On a positive note I am working hard to be back and I want to thank you all for your best wishes and kind messages. The warm words keep me going and I’m grateful for all your support,




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  • John Meiklem

    Dear Michael

    Please accept my sincere condolences for your awful news regarding Sly Tetteh. I know from personal experience how terrible it is to lose a loved one so unexpectedly. My dear girlfriend, Mavis, a lovely and forgiving Zimbabwean woman died in August, and I am slowly coming to terms with “life” again. Although I am thousands of miles away from Mavis’s family in Africa, (I am in Scotland), I can feel their pain also. Please take some consolation in the fact that Sly would be very proud of your endevours both in London and in Ghana.

  • egyatayi

    it was a sad moment and even for the fact that it happened during the Efutu Afahye festival was something else. We really share with you these saddened moments and pray it doesnt affect your performance because we the fans too need you, a lot..
    May his soul rest in perfect peace..

  • stephen

    may his soul rest in perft piec…..

  • rashid ludacris

    may his soul rest in peace.i wish u a speedy recovery.

  • Ajayi Peter Oluwaseun

    Sorry about your loss and I am very happy you are doing great in your recovery programme.

  • Kev

    Sorry for your loss Michael, stay strong, get better and get back into the first team where you belong and where I have no doubt Sly would want you to be.

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