Last week has been a bit different for me since I didn’t spend much time at home. I was missing my bed…

At the end of my last entry I told you I was packing before flying to Panama. Being there was a very nice, recommendable experience. We were treated really well since the moment we arrived, and we played a great match and won. Also, we were able to visit the famous Panama Canal, one of the biggest and most important ones in the world. It was amazing to travel part of the Canal on board of a vessel, and to get to know part of its history and its advantages in terms of international shipping and communications: a transit through the Canal takes around 8 hours, much less than the three days needed if we choose other routes.

We stayed in Panama until Wednesday. On Thursday, after a long flight back, I landed in London looking forward to the match against WBA. They were very efficient and we weren’t able to take our chances; as a consequence of that, we lost. We knew it would be tough. They’re having a great start of the season, as they showed. It was a pity, but we have to keep working hard. This is a long season and we want to be fighting for…

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