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The week I (we) have been through has not been an easy one. As you know, Roberto Di Matteo is no longer our manager after our defeat in Turin against Juventus. It was a tough defeat that leaves us in a difficult situation before the last game of the group stage in the Champions League, since we don’t depend on ourselves to get through. Shakhtar must win in Ukraine and we must win at Stamford Bridge. But I still believe we can do it, and I’m confident that we will get to the next stage!

I would like to thank Roberto for all this time with us. We spent very good moments together, some others not so good, but he will always be remembered as the manager with whom we conquered our first Champions League. Because of that, and because as a player he is a ‘blue’ legend to our fans, his name will always be part of Chelsea’s history. From a personal point of view he gave me confidence and support. Best of luck to you, Robbie.

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