With our partners Sauber competing in the British Grand Prix this weekend, the official Chelsea blog was invited for a garage tour to take a closer look behind the scenes at Silverstone.

What became apparent early on during the visit, is the sheer scale of logistics in Formula 1. For every Grand Prix, Sauber take up to 30 tonnes of equipment with them, including mobile catering facilities for up to 60 people.

Sauber motorhome

Inside the garage, engineers and mechanics were busy working on the two Sauber cars, both of which have the Chelsea crest on the front.


The importance of tyre temperatures and also choosing which tyres to use forms an essential part of the team’s overall race strategy.


Data analysis is a crucial part of each race for Sauber. Both cars have up to 100 sensors on them, feeding information back to the engineers in real-time. For Chelsea, data analysis is also very important. During each game, players’ action can be viewed from a variety of camera angles at a touch of a button using specialist software and technology, with each pass being identified by number, length, direction, success rate and more.

With noise levels incredibly high at a Grand Prix, headphones are essential for communication between team members.


Best of luck to Sauber this weekend, you can keep up to date with the Chelsea/ Sauber sporting partnership with the brand new section on our website here.



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