What a week.  A narrow home victory against Fulham sandwiched between two comprehensive defeats, both as unwelcome as Joe Cole in a Liverpool shirt.  It’s not like the game against Sunderland hasn’t been coming – our performances have been steadily dropping for the last five or six weeks.

The evidence for our ongoing decline is overwhelming.  We scored 21 goals in our first five Premiership games yet in our last six games we’ve totalled just five, an average of less than one a game.  In these same recent games we’ve conceded six and, bluntly put, conceding more than you score is a sure fire way of descending the table.

That we’re still top of the league despite losing three games is a reflection of the most open, topsy turvy Premiership since its inception in 1992. Every team, from top to bottom is experiencing the most unlikely set of results whether it’s Villa conceding six at Newcastle, United consistently letting leads slip, Arsenal getting beat by Newcastle and the Baggies at home…..wherever you look each team in the Premiership is inflicting surprise results on the teams around them.

Sunderland are a case in point. Smacked 5-1 in the Tyne Wear derby just two weeks ago, they promptly rolled up at the Bridge and played a blistering game of attacking football, as good as anything seen at our ground since Man City rolled up and trounced us 4-2 earlier this year.

The game showed us nothing we don’t already know.  Without our world class spine of Terry, Essien and Lampard we look a soft touch. Add in our lack of intensity – something we harped on about last year – and you’ve got a mix of players and performances that’s just asking to be beaten.

Frank Lampard in particular is a glaring loss with his ability to link midfield and attack.  What other team wouldn’t notice the absence of the Premiership Player of the Decade?  We’re missing his goals and we’re missing them badly.  Not only that, we’re missing his presence as a leader particularly when Terry’s injured.

On the subject of ‘presence’, all the staff at CFCnet were choked to see Ray Wilkins no longer sitting beside Ancelotti in the dugout.  Whilst the official statement put out by the Club shed no real light on his absence, our message boards have been inundated with conspiracy theories as to why the fans favourite has gone missing.  Given we’re writing on the Club’s official website, we feel a little bit hampered as to what we can say.

Still, I’m sure the Club don’t mind us relaying our dismay at Wilkins’s absence as well as our frustration as to the reasons (or lack of them) why he’s gone.  Our youngest ever captain at just 18, Wilkins was a reassuring figure around the Club not only because of his genial professionalism but also the fact he represented our traditions and history.  He was a true link with our past. We’d like to thank Ray for representing our Club so magnificently over the years.

As for Ancelotti and the first team….we’ll be OK. We’re champions, Double winners and top of the League. We’ll settle for that.



Please note : the views in many of our blogs are written by fans of Chelsea FC and are not necessarily the views of the club

  • Guillaume

    Esperons que l'on sera meilleur dans les prochains jours a venir d'ailleur je vien voir Chelsea-Aston Villa

  • Ants

    Absolutely gutted again! I cannot believe we lost yet another game, that makes it now 4 in total from 14, no excuses for the poor performance. Beaten by Sunderland now Birmingham in the space of 2 weeks. Especially with Arsenal losing to Tottenham earlier today, this was our opportunity to widen the gap. We have key players missing this is still no excuse, a lack of strong investment over the summer is coming back to bite us. Malouda is the only consistent player, but he cannot do it all the work on his own. The youth are good but still need that guidance to slowly take it to the next level.

  • Dan The Man

    Why oh why is Ancellotti still there and Wilkins is not? This is the first test Ancelotti as had and he is failing miserably. He inherited the team when he got here and now the time comes he has to start making decisions like buying players and playing a weakened side to its highest potential, he has no clue what he is doing the name Rafa Benitez comes to mind.. I say try bring back Hiddink!!

  • Ola Bakare

    Remires is the weak link always making costly mistakes.We have to mindful of having too many new faces/players on the field at the same time. zhirkov should be on the bench when malouda plays on the wings. Also this is not the time to start experimenting at the back. We have to find the right mix even if it means we find a replacment for Terry pending his return.

  • Owode

    Ancelotti should know this, malouda and zhirkov will never work well…please let malouda play his regular role as a winger and zhirkov should still learn some thing from him

  • Uche. Frm Nigeria

    My thots are, we dont have a team that can stand the absence of a few key players. Secondly, i think our strikers are old and rusty, no offence to their blistering efforts for the club. I think they hav seen it all and have nothin more to play for. A fresh injection of a prolific striker in the mould of Aguero, or villa wil do us a whole lot of good.

  • Ray

    We have lost the game on the court of Stamford bridge. To be honset, no one have cansidered the result of lost especially 0 to 3. You cannot on the court which will influence the result but it is not the root of lost. Ray left the club, it will make the impact to the all club. I firmly believe that this loss is irrevelent to the ability of CFC. Let us look forward to the next winning in Stamfordbridge.

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