So JT could be out for months. Alex needs an operation and may not play till January. Can’t buy a replacement until the end of December. What next?

Well, we could do what we’ve done in the past, which is play an experienced player out of position – Essien, or Ferreira say – and hope for the best. Which, as those who watched us stutter to defeat on Sunday or crumble at Anfield three years ago, works pretty much as you’d expect it to. That is, not very well at all.

Poor Paulo. He looked like a little kid at times on Sunday, being bossed about by Sunderland’s strikers. It’s not his fault – central defence is a totally different job from full-back, you have a whole different set of instructions to keep in your head about who covers which striker, what to do when the play switches sides or a midfielder comes through, and so on and so on. He was in the wrong place for both of their first two goals. And Ivanovic is not experienced enough to second-guess a partner who is constantly making mistakes.

We might just get away with using a full-back or a midfielder as an emergency centre-back for one game. But not for six weeks. So maybe it’s time to trust in Jeffrey Bruma. We trusted in him enough to promote him to the first-team squad, sell Carvalho and effectively make him the fourth-choice centre-back. We trusted him enough to bring him on as a sub last year and start him in the Carling Cup. Now we have to bite the bullet and trust him in the heat of the Premiership.

It’s true he didn’t have a good game in the Carling Cup. But that doesn’t make him a bad player. It’s probably true that he’ll make some mistakes in the first-team – some of them may even lead to goals. But that’s a risk we have to take if we’re ever to see him flourish as a player. All young players make mistakes – yes, even Josh McEachran. John Terry had a few dodgy games when he first came into the side but thankfully we kept our faith in him.

But the main point is this – if he makes mistakes, he will learn from them (we hope) and become a better player. If we play a makeshift centre-back, he will also make mistakes, but it won’t make him a better player because they won’t help him learn how to play his proper position any better. Bruma is a good player, from what we’ve seen in the youth team and his occasional first-team outings. He has the potential to be a great player. He will make mistakes, probably costly ones, but we need to overlook that to let him develop. He needs to be trusted to fill the hole in our injury-ravaged defence. All we are saying, Carlo, is give youth a chance.




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  • Papa Chelsea

    Yes, use the youth and bleed them in, it's necessary. I'm not going to 2nd guess Carlo as he is a great mind and knows what he's doing. The only real issue I see with this years crew is Mikel, he is absolutely horrible. We constantly lose the central midfield battle, he cannot score, he cannot play defense, he cannot pass, he is horrible. Now that Lamps is back it will change but why didn't we play Essien in central midfield or even bleed Josh in there?

  • Daniel Aidam

    I suggest we buy new striker to help drog,am hurt when we loose this time around.

  • Smurf

    I'm from Jamaica and I love chelsea football club I think we really need to get a defender regardless of bruma we need to get Luiz from Benfica he's an excellent talent I hope you see that you had let Carvalho leave and there's no replacement, the coach is excellent the team only needs to shape up a bit, Ramires is a good players he's needs a little more body strength and a little more time in EPL, trust me he will improve as the season goes by he wasn't bought to play so many matches it because lampard / Benayoun is injuried so give the kid a break he has played some good football to me his best match was against arsenal and he played well so give a guy his credit when it is due.

  • Agbo

    Bruma is just the player to use at the back he will surly pick up and play fine before JT and Alex is back. Another big problem is Ramire keep loosing ball. they need to use this young boys for FA and Carlin Cup next season and it will help keep all players strong

  • akintola david

    i think its high time we buy new players that can replace the old and tired legs,
    because i consider that people like jt lampard & alex are tired,

    lets also give these young players the chance to prove themselves

  • Chelsea needs chang and the panting of their foolballt than u will make 2010 a blue.

    I think it time we start buying player like the in mid fielder,defender, attacker, winger all this 2 JT,ALXE an 2 ve a bench 4 chelsea.

  • Hugh

    Didn't use Sinclair enough and look how well he's doing now. Albeit for Swansea

  • DesiBlue

    Why did we give Scott Sinclair away for 50p???

  • Amukaka

    I blame Carlo for the home loss against Sunderland.Despite the injury woes he made poor fielding by playing four FB in the CHELSEA defence.Another error, playing THREE left footed players against FIVE midfield man sunderland.When it calls for change of parttern on field Carlo should respond wisely. He has the squad to effect it.SOMETIMES CARLITO TRY 4-4-2, 3-5-2 (especially against Birmingham)

  • Marcus bell

    I agree except you don't want to ruin a players confidence by playing him in an impossible situation,Carlo looks lost and Sturridge keeps replacing much more useful players, Perhaps JT on the bench might help((

  • Ray

    It is also an disspointed match.However, it is existing a big difference between the game with last's week.In last week, CFC should have a loss because they not deserve to it.However, in the last game, we have 32shoots but have no goal.It is not the problem of the club.It proves that the way we play are right.We cannot win all game because the ball is round



  • RoxChelseafan

    Oh My Word I hope that Alex gets better soon

  • Justė

    I wish we had Mancienne… He could be an option…

  • murphy

    we need to use the young player together with senior,like bruma, borini

  • Ayodeji Olugbenga

    I couldn't agree with you more on the subject. I also think it's high time the Godfather start giving all the newly promoted academy players some sense of belonging especially now that our defense seem a little porous no thanks to the untimely injuries to JT and Alex. With you all the way on this one, PAL

  • nickthompson8

    Definitely. Now's the time to put some faith in Bruma. We've got some great young players emerging from the academy – use them or lose them!

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