Back to the place that changed our history

Hi everyone!

Today I’m not writing you from my house. Today I’m writing from a very special place, a place where I spent just a few nights and my dream came true, something that many people would dream of. I’m referring to Hotel Da Vinci, in the outskirts of Johannesburg, where we arrived a few hours ago from Malabo. It is the same place we stayed at before the World Cup final, those unforgettable days that ended up in an amazing party.

When we landed in South Africa a lot of memories came to mind. When you think about it it’s already been more than three years! Time flies. Luckily, we’re still eager to play and to enjoy football. Hopefully next summer we’ll be able to experience the same in Brazil. Some of my teammates will be there as well. Obi Mikel or Samuel Eto’o, for instance, qualified this weekend, and we will have to wait and see if some others can make it after the play-off ties, which is quite interesting. One of them will be Didier Drogba, I’m very happy for him.

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