From the African heat to the London cold

Hi everyone,

One can say that winter has arrived to London. It’s very cold and it seems it’s going to snow soon. That, and the Christmas decoration, make us feel even closer to the end of the year that we really are. For there are still eight games to play before Christmas and we want to win all of them. November and December are two key months if we want to keep our chances of winning the Premier League.

Maybe these days seem colder to me due to my recent trip to Africa with the Spanish National Team, because it’s almost summer there. In Johannesburg things didn’t go the way we wanted. Nevertheless, we will always remember the feeling of being back to the Soccer City, where we won the World Cup. That, and the passion showed by the fans at all times, were the best things of the trip, a trip that proved, once more, how motivated our rivals are every time they play Spain. It’s the price we have to pay for being world champions and what we will be fighting for in Brazil.

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